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Delivery Costs and T&C’s

Payment Information

We have three Payment options

  1. Pay in full 3 days before installation.
  2. Going through finance BUT NEED WITH 7 – 14 DAYS. Finance can take several weeks to organise. The customer can pay before delivery to secure their delivery date and once the finance company has paid Fusion we will refund the customer back. (We do this many times per week).
  3. Going through finance and don’t wish to pay up front. SORRY, NO INSTALLATION DATE can be given as finance can take anything from 3 weeks to 8 weeks. Once we receive the acceptance letter from finance company, we will aim to install within 7 days.Please note: Finance is through a third party.
  4. Please ensure any amendments are made within 24 hours of receiving your Final Order Confirmation so your delivery date isn’t compromised
  5. Please check with any third parties that your property is 100% ready for the furniture to be installed.
  6. If we cannot install furniture due to the property not being ready we will charge anything from £500 to £1000 to perform a return visit depending on location.
  7. If any unwanted items are returned they are subject to a 35% to 50% restocking charge depending on the item unless faulty or incorrect.
  8. If any refunds are due they will be paid within 14 days of the return date.

Interior Design

  1. Charging £500 to £1000 as an upfront cost for the mood board which is deducted from the final balance if they client proceeds but if they don’t we don’t offer refunds.
  2. State that the mood board is only active for 48 hours and if the order is placed after this time and new products are needing to be sourced a £199.00 admin charge is applied.
  3. Once the delivery dates have been confirmed with all suppliers we will then confirm an installation date with you so please don’t book any photography etc until we have done this.
  4. If you need to alter the delivery date we need MINIMUM 3 days’ notice.
  5. Should any products not be available we reserve the right to substitute these for the nearest comparable.
  6. We cannot expect returns from any items that have been made to bespoke sizes unless they are defective.




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